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igloo Community Builders is part of the igloo Regeneration family. 

igloo Regeneration (igloo) is a responsible real estate B-Corp - helping enlightened investors, local authorities and landowners to invest carefully & develop ideas and sites that matter. 

Driven by the ambition to do well by doing good, igloo has been delivering imaginative developments across the UK since 2002. 

All igloo projects focus on People, Place & Planet and are underpinned by a pioneering development methodology called Footprint. Central to this methodology is the importance and benefit of involving and empowering local communities in development. 


In 2013 igloo recognised there was a growing need for mindful, professional support dedicated to helping community organisations realise their ambition to be developers themselves. igloo therefore set up igloo Community Builders. 

igloo Community Builders provides the step by step guidance needed to turn an idea into a reality.  We empower local people because we want to make a difference and we believe that when communities are actively involved in the regeneration of their area better, more sustainable neighbourhoods are created. 

Our aim is to help make the world better, one neighbourhood at a time.

igloo's Track Record

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