RIBA Journal features Marklake Court

Whatever you may think of the actual architecture, there’s no getting away from the genuine enthusiasm being expressed by the new residents of Marklake Court on Southwark’s Kipling Estate – the result perhaps of the lowest of expectations. ‘I thought they were just throwing up another council block but when they took us to see a lovely (Bell Phillips) block in Grays, Essex I thought “Wow, this really isn’t what I was imagining”, so I decided to sign up to it.’ says Barbara. A week into occupying her third floor two-bed flat she’s already got to know her neighbours from its big balcony. She knows Melanie across the way too, who moved with her son into a top floor flat with two of them – both with amazing views – and enormous ceiling heights. ‘My sister can’t believe I’ve got this place,’ Melanie tells me. ‘Sometimes I walk into this living room and can’t help giggling!’ 

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Kym Shaen-Carter